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The Hammers have 3 generations of Timber Industry knowledge to offer you. The industry certainly has changed over the years, however we still remain for the love of the outdoors and a passion for cultivating this wonderful renewable resource. Sustainability is on the forefront of our minds and we obtain this by maximizing our products available to us. Timber markets are increasingly diversifying and we look forward to what the future holds.

Today’s timber management practices require special attention to detail . This entails several key processes to have your timber harvested in a timely  and respective manner. Identifying such things as proper locations for haul roads, skid trails and landings , we can avoid critical areas that could disturb future growth and habitat. Your dominant species in your stand may need to be harvested to enhance growth of the other species. You may need special thinning prescribed to enhance the overall health of your forest. Every forest is different we try to look at them objectively and formulate a plan that fits the Land Owners needs. Modern mechanized logging equipment is at our disposal and we utilize this equipment as much as possible for your harvesting needs. 

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to capitalize on your mature timber. Now is a great time to start the process of planning or discussing a harvest. 

Our years of experience have afforded us quality relationships and we look forward to developing a good rapport with you as well.

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